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rock, soul, funk
People the People

Freitag, 23. September 2022 | 21.00 Uhr

People the People, mit 10 Leuten auf der Bühne, deren Herz für die Musik schlägt, ist gute Laune und tanzen garantiert. Nicht nur die liebe zur Live-Musik sondern auch das Leben, machen People the People zu einem Live-act den mann nicht verpassen sollte. Let's bring the People back together.


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The core of the group form 4 creative, handsome, talented and (sometimes) crazy lads. Hungry for change with freedom in their eyes, all about living young, wild and free. Hailing from different parts of Switzerland and London, these 4 individuals are here to bring the people back to the people, through love and the mighty power of music. With powerful verses, catchy choruses and beautiful vocal harmonies they connect different genres like: Rock, Funk and soul. The message in each song is uniquely arranged to bring forth a message of peace, love and of course; to make one feel alive. It doesn't stop there though, they have arranged a 4 piece Horn section and the band keeps growing and they have performed and recorded with up to 10 people in the group!


People the People is a live act you definitely don't want to miss! They have been playing regular gigs ever since the group was found on June 25th, 2021. From living rooms to major venues, they are spreading their good vibes, music and message anywhere they have the pleasure to do so.

They have put together a Sound that is guaranteed to get your thoughts roaming, your cheeks smiling and your bottoms shaking.

It takes a beating heart, a functioning brain, a clean Soul and the body, for one to be alive. This group has all of that and more... Get ready for the people, people.


Line Up:

Lewis Slinger - Percussion und Vocals
Maximilian Nyafli - E-Bass und Vocals
Mood - Keys und Backing Vocals
Jan Imboden - E Gitarre und Vocals
Marco Karrer - Tenor Saxofon
Xavier Sprunger - Bariton Saxofon
Beni - Trompete
Pere Mollines- Posaune
& Backing Vocals


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Türöffnung: 20.15 Uhr   |   CHF 25.-/20.-