Newcomer Night Vol.4

mit Madstone, audioDELIKT und Happy Home Funk Unit
newcomer night

Donnerstag, 20. April 2023 | 20.00 Uhr

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Die neue Newcomer Night in der Mahogany Hall.


Perlen der schweizer Musiklandschaft ausgewählt für euch zum Entdecken und für alle, die gerne neue Sounds und Bands erleben.


Madstone & Band

Madstone is a Swiss-born singer-songwriter and producer whose music is a melting pot of various influences. Growing up in the mountains of Switzerland, Madstone was surrounded by nature and beauty, which is reflected in the pure and authentic sound of his music. Known for his emotive live performances, Madstone's music is described as a balm for the soul. His music defies genre, with influences from artists such as Beck, Coldplay, Woodkid, M83, Tom Rosenthal, Ben Böhmer, Stromae, Muse and many more. Madstone's unique sound is a reflection of his diverse background and experiences, making him a truly unique artist in the Swiss music industry.





Erfolg wie de Siig vom chliine Prix Walo (2014), de 8ti Platz vo ihrem Debut-Album «Sexi, Fanki, Kuul» i de schwiizer Albumcharts (2016) oder de Halbfinaluuftitt i de Musigsendig «Sing it Your Way» (2021) zeichened audioDELIKT genau so uus wie ihri einzigartige Live-Konzärt. Es git zwei Arte vo audioDELIKT-Fans: sonig wo nonie amne Konzärt gsii sind und sonig wo immer wieder chömed.



Happy Home Funk Unit

Welcome to the Show of …

the ultimate, one and only, mind-blowing, awesome, irresistible, good looking, well behaving, sharp dressed, very charming, musically matured, often exercicing, but slightly incontinent and sometimes absolutely inconsequent, suffering from too much work or alcoholic stuff and so very pleased with every chance to get out of home and play, what the funk ...


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